Racket restringing

Club Racket Restringing Service


The club has its own restringing machine so restringing can be quick and easy with our expert stringers Robbie and Amy.


If you need your racket restrung then leave it with Robbie or Amy. They will do an excellent job and you will not have to drive miles to drop your racket off and then repeat the journey to pick it up.


They charge £7.50 for the baisc restringing service if you provide your own string or they can provide you with a cost including string, this will depend on the type of string you decide to use.


Advice on string tension in your racket:


If you have your racket strung tight it will produce less power. Some of the modern strings (the expensive ones) will produce a lot of power despite being of a higher tension.

Higher tensions generally give more control because the ball leaves the racket more slowly. People who generate a lot of spin usually have their rackets quite tight.


Rodger Federer has his rackets strung quite loose, typically at around 45 pounds.

This give him a lot of power but he has the talent to control the ball.


On the other hand Rafa Nadal uses tensions around 60 pounds.

Both players can use their racket to it's maximum potential such is their skill.